Donut Cushion
Makes sitting down less painful

Inflatable Ring Cushion

The most common type of donut cushion is the one made from foam, however that doesn't mean that the inflatable donut cushion aka the inflatable ring cushion should be ignored.

One of the obvious advantages to the inflatable type cushion is that you can regulate the hardness of it yourself, by letting in more or less air, thus making it harder or softer. Some types of inflatable sitting donuts even have air pressure valves on the side, so you can adjust the firmness to your comfort level while you're sitting on the cushion.

Oftentimes people worry if the inflatable ring cushion will last, and not break after a few uses. It's a hard question to answer, but if you get one made of a durable material, you really can't go wrong. Usually, this means the cushion will weigh a bit more thus making bringing it around with you difficult, but for durability, I think it's worth it.