Donut Cushion
Makes sitting down less painful

How to Sit on a Donut Cushion

So now you've got your donut cushion but you're in doubt about how exactly you're supposed to place yourself on it. Sitting on a donut cushion might feel a bit strange in the very beginning, but that's only until you get used to it. Once you're used to it you'll want to take it with you wherever you go (or sit).

Here are some simple steps on how to best sit on your donut cushion.

1. Place your donut cushion on your chair, so the back of the cushion lightly touches the lower part of the backrest of the chair or the place where the backrest and the seat meet (depending on the type of chair).

2. Place yourself on the donut cushion so your tailbone is centered over the hole of the cushion and each of your buttocks are resting on each side of the cushion.

3. Lean slightly forwards, once you're seated, in order to relieve even more pressure from your coccyx area.