Donut Cushion
Makes sitting down less painful

Hemorrhoid Donut

A hemorrhoid donut is the same as a donut cushion; a round cushion with a hole in the middle for hemorrhoids.

You might be wondering; what is the best hemorrhoid donut cushion? - To be honest, it depends on the person, as we all have different preferences when it comes to how we like to sit.
Below are some scenarios, in which a hemorrhoid donut cushion would be a great asset to have.

  • There are many advantages to using a donut hemorrhoid cushion, as getting pressure off the hemorrhoid can help keep them calmed down and make the situation a lot less painful.

  • If you have external thrombosed hemorrhoids, and it hurts no matter what, whether you're sitting, standing or walking, sitting on a hemorrhoid donut might be one of the only way to get some relief. Some have even reported that they were able to sit on their donut hemorrhoid cushions for hours, without any pain.

  • A hemorrhoid donut might also help you with your recovery. If you have an especially persistent hemorrhoid, that you can't seem to get rid of, sitting on a hemorrhoid donut cushion might alleviate pressure, and help you recover.

  • Unfortunately, women sometimes experience hemorrhoids after childbirth, so, on top of having to take care of the newborn baby, the new mother also has to bother with constant pain and potential inability to sit down. By using a hemorrhoid donut, sitting down can become a lot less, if not entirely pain free, allowing the mom to devote 100% of her attention to her child.

  • At work sitting on a hemorrhoid donut cushion is an obvious choice for those who're experiencing hemorrhoids and general pain. Workers are typically forced to sit down for extended periods of time, causing great stress and pain to the affected area, where the hemorrhoid is.
    Putting a cover on your hemorrhoid donut will make it look like any other pillow, and you can sit comfortably which will help you get your work done faster, as you don't have to worry about discomfort and pain.