Donut Cushion
Makes sitting down less painful

Donut Cushion

Donut Cushion

A donut cushion is a round cushion with a hole in the middle. They come in various sizes and can be made of various materials. Some donut cushions are made of heavy duty inflatable rubber where others are made of foam.

Generally donut cushions come in one of three different sizes. Small, medium and large, depending on how much the user weight. The maximum weight resistance varies depending on the material the cushion is made of, so it's advised to check on the packaging of the donut cushion you intend to buy, before you purchase it.

For sufferers of prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain
A lot of men who suffer from prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain (CPPS) have a hard time sitting down, especially if it's for a long time, like during a normal day at work. The donut cushion does a great job relieving the pain, normally felt when sitting for an extended period of time. By using a donut cushion, pressure will be relieved from your bottom so you can sit for a long time, without feeling the kind of pain you normally do.

For sufferers of hemorrhoids
Also sufferers of hemorrhoids can use a donut cushion to sit comfortably. A lot of hemorrhoid sufferers worry about sitting down on hard chairs, as it's both uncomfortable and painful. Sitting on a donut cushion helps you sit with less pain and lets the sore area heal up gently without you having to worry about anything.

For people with broken tailbones
Breaking or hurting your tailbone is incredible painful and can prove a real challenge when it comes to sitting down. If you use a donut cushion you won't have to worry about the healing of your tailbone, as the cushion helps you relieve the stress that normally extends the healing time. The donut cushion makes it so comfortable to sit down, you might even forget that you hurt your tailbone in the first place.

For people with pain in the coccyx area
Pain in the coccyx area can be horrible and cause you to have a horrible time each time you're sitting down. People who suffer from pain in the coccyx are often ignore this, because they think it's their own fault from sitting down for too long or being in bad shape etc. In fact, pain in the coccyx is a common condition, that should be taken care of in order to prevent it from getting worse. A good solution is to use a donut cushion, as the hole in the middle helps relieve tension and pain in the coccyx.